Trades of the Colored People in the City of Philadelphia and Districts 1838 – Part 1


*These carry on business. Of those not marked about one-half work as Journeyman, and the rest from choice or necessity follow other occupations


Name Address
BROWN, George Parham Street
CAMPBELL, Randolph U. Bradford below 12th
FOX, Daniel D. Passyunk road below South
HAINESLEY, Risdon S 7th below Shippen
HOY, Isaac 12th below Shippen
*MILLER, James 27 Prune
ROUKER, Alfred Eagles court
TURNER, John Hog Alley
*BANKS, Murrill Pine above 10th
*BROWN, William C corner of South Second and Swede’s alley
*RUSSELL, Richard Giles’s alley
BANKS, Solomon Eagle court
*BOOKER, Cornelius Lebanon, below Fitzwater
*BOOKER, John Lebanon, below Fitzwater
BOUNDS, Richard
*BRAVARD, John Shippen, below 8th
BROWN, John Relief alley
COSTELLO, Reuben Prosperous alley
GLAZE, George, (and carpenter) Franklin st, Southwark
GREEN, Samuel T Davis’s court
HOLLEY, Aaron Type alley, above 12th
JOHNSON, John 36 Gaskill
LEWIS, John Davis’s court
MILLER, John Coates, between 11th and 12th
MILLER, Nathaniel Morris, below Fitzwater
MOORE, George Paschall’s alley
MORRIS, Benjamin corner of Broad and Paper alley
*QUIN, John near Schuykill Front and Vine
ROBERTS, Charles J Bonsall street
SHAD, Jeremiah Kneass court, George st
STEVENSON, John Shippen below 8th
THOMAS, William Atkins court
WELLS, John Currant alley, above Locust
Black and Whitesmith
ALBERT, Abraham Bedford, below 8th
CRAMER, James Pine, below 10th
SCOTTRON, Samuel 6th, below Catherine
SMITH, Amos Wagner’s alley
*SMITH, Thomas Wagner’s alley
*ALLEN, Richard 7th, below Lombard
*BIAS, James J.G. 2 Acorn alley
*BUTLER, Wallace 16 Bird’s court
*COPELAND, Allen (and shoemaker) 155 Lombard
*MCCRUMMILL, James (and dentist) 266 North 3d
*NASH, Charles (and cabinet maker) Qunice, above Spruce
*NORMAN, William 226 Lombard
PEPPELL, Philip 3 Shippen
*PURDY, John (and shoemaker) Middle alley
Bleeders and Hairdressers
*BASS, Joseph Race, corner of 4th
*BUTLER, Thomas 3 North 8th
*FURBER, William W 85 South 12th
*ROLLEY, Abner 112 North 5th
*WHITE, Jacob C 100 Old York road
Boot and Shoemaker
ANDERSON, Philip P Emeline street
*ARMSTEAD, John Juniper alley
*ARMSTRONG, John 61 Currant alley
BARR, Alexander 12th above Spruce
BIBBINS, John Osborn’s court
*BIRD, James 252 South 7th
*BLAKE, Levin Shippen, below 7th
BROWN, Andrew (and tanner) 1 Toy’s court
*BROWN, James 243 Shippen
*BROWN, John L 359 South
*BROWN, jr. Morris 359 South
BROWN, sr. Morris 241 Shippen
*BURNS, Francis Locust, above 6th
*CAMPBELL, Anthony Milton, above 10th
CHAVERS, Jesse Leydon court
*COLLY, Daniel (and tanner and currier) 189 South 6th
*CONDY, James Catherine, above 7th
*COOTS, Reuben 12th, above Spruce
*COPELAND, Allen (and bleeder) 155 Lombard
*CORNISH, Henry C St Mary’s, below 7th
CUSTIS, Lewis Washington, above 11th
*DAVIS, Manuel 34 1/2 South 2d
DAVIS, Peter Sterling alley
DEPEE, Abraham Prosperous alley
*DORSEY, Thomas 36 North 6th
*DOUGLASS, Levi 3d, below Race
*DRUMMOND, Lewis 20 North 4th
FLAMER, William Carpenter, between 8th and 9th
FORMAN, Francis Type alley
FOSTER, William Mary’s alley
FREEMAN, Charles 150 Spruce
*GORDON, jr, Robert C 57 Pine
HARRISON, Isaiah Catherine, below 7th
HENRY, James
*HILL, Champion corner 7th and Carpenter
*HOLCOMBE, Robert L rear 126 North 2d
JACKSON, Richard Lombard, above 7th
*JAMES, Richard Wood, below Schuykill 6th
JAMES, Toliver Carlton, near Schuykill 6th
JEFFRIES, jr, William corner 7th and Fitzwater
JOHNSON, H M B Otter, by Front
*LANDOWAY, Abel 20 South 4th
*LEWIS, Joseph St Mary’s, above 7th
*LUCAS, John 150 Spruce
MACKLIN, Isaac Prosperous alley
MEDAD, George Washington, above 11th
*MEDAD, Stephen Washington, above 11th
MINTO, Henry Washington, below 12th
MONTIER, Hiram Webb’s alley
MONTIER, Joseph 10th above Market
MONTIER, Richard 18 Lombard
*MONTIER, Solomon 10th above Market
MONTIER, William Webb’s alley
*MOORE, Richard 210 south 7th
MOREN, John 119 Plum
*NORRIS, John 197 Lombard
PARKER, Elam Powell, below 6th
PARKER, Wesley 18 St Mary
PERRY, John Middle alley
PLEASANT, Peter Pearl, bet 13th and Broad
*PROCTOR, Walter 17 Elizabeth
PURDY, John (and bleeder) Middle alley
*PUSEY, Alexander 157 south 4th
QUIRE, Peter Dean’s alley
*RICHMOND, James 4th, above Coates
RILEY, William H corner Little Pine and 7th
RINGOLD, Henry 157 south 4th
*ROBERTS, John B 151 Locust
ROBINSON, Joseph Pine, above 11th
*ROLLINS, Daniel North-East corner 10th and Cherry
SAUNDERS, Joseph Pine, above Master
SCOTT, Henry 144 Locust
SCOTT, James 20 North 4th
*SIMPSON, Charles 95 north 5th
SIMPSON, Emery 5th, below George, (NL)
*SIMPSON, William 48 south 4th
SMITH, William Union, above 2d
*SPENCER, Peter Locust, above 10th
*STILLE, John Centre, below 13th
STOKELY, John Pearl, above 13th
*STRATTON, John Bedford, below 8th
*TEMPLE, James Chestnut, corner Strawberry
*TERONE, Charles corner 8th and Lombard
*THOMPSON, Thomas Locust, above 10th
TURNER, Jesse Quince, above Spruce
VENNING, Luke Lebanon, below Fitzwater
*WANE, Cato B (and carpenter) 161 south 6th
WATSON, Jacob St. Mary, above 7th
WEEKS, Nathaniel Quince, above Spruce
WILLIAMS, Jacob St. Mary, above 7th
WILLIAMS, Stephen 150 Spruce
WILSON, Thomas 19 Parham
WILSON, William Henry 10th, below Lombard

Source:  Register Of Trades Of The Colored People In The City of Philadelphia And Districts, Merrihew and Gunn, Printers, 1838


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