Trades of the Colored People in the City of Philadelphia and Districts 1838 – Part 2


*These carry on business. Of those not marked about one-half work as Journeyman, and the rest from choice or necessity follow other occupations.


YOUNG, Perry Pink, (Kensington)
ZEINER, Philip (and bell-founder) Juniper alley
KING, Thomas 338 South
*BROWN, Perry Apple, above Brown
NEWSOM, Nathan Apple, above Culvert
STEWARD, John B Little Pine, above 7th
TENNENT, sr, William Clymer, below 6th
Bricklayers and Plasterers
*BAGWELL, Edward Davis’s court, Christian
*BAGWELL, Richard Davis’s court, Christian
GILES, Thomas Pearl, bet 13th and Broad
GRAY, James Hurst
*SALTERS, Parris (and slater) 2 Elizabeth
COLLINS, Cato 100 North 4th
*LEWIS, Daniel rear 96 Gaskill
*LEWIS, William
BAPTISTE, Eugene 7th near Lombard
BARCLAY, Robert 334 South
BARNARD, William 169 South
CLEMENT, James rear 137 Lombard
*FRISBY, Charles 162 Lombard
*GROSS, jr, Thomas Pine alley
*GROSS, sr, Thomas Pine alley
KEATH, Mathew E Hunter, above 10th
LEE, James Gray’s alley
NASH, Charles (and bleeder) Quince, above Spruce
*RANDOLPH, John St Mary, bet 7th and 8th
RICHARDS, James Read’s court
THOMAS, Robert B 203 south 7th
*VAN BRACKLE, Samuel 123 Locust
Cabintet-Makers and Carpenters
BALLON, William 4 Little Pine
*CHARNOCK, Thomas rear 172 Pine
*JOHNSON, James 143 Lombard
LECOUNT, James Bonsall
*SCOTT, Daniel Washington, above 11th
*ATKINS, Charles 28 Blackberry alley
*ALMOND, Mukes Barrow
ALMOND, Nathaniel St Mary, below 6th
*ALMOND, Thomas Barrow
BELOSS, William Little Pine, above 7th
*BLACK, Charles Christian, above 8th
BROWN, Marcus Lebanon, below Fitzwater
*BROWN, Thomas C 169 South
*BUTLER, William 71 George
CLYMER, John Warren
CROPPER, Laban 61 Currant alley
DIGGS, Jos (and cooper) Juniper, above Race
DUTAIR, Francis between Federal and Fitzwater, and 13th and Broad
EVERSON, Gilpin 30 Gaskill
*FITZGERALD, Jacob Lombard, below 8th
GARNETT, Solomon Juniper alley
*GIBBONS, James Middle alley
*GIVEN, John Little Pine, above 7th
*GLAZO, Geo, (and blacksmith) Franklin (S)
*GRAYSON, James W cor. 8th and Emeline
HAINES, Peter 8th, below South
*HARDING, James 157 south 6th
HARRIS, Eli 14 Middle alley
HENDERSON, Joseph, George between Schuykill 6th and 7th
HICKS, Robt (and wheelwright) Apple, above Culvert
JACKSON, Henry 16 Gaskill
*JANIES, William rear 172 Pine
LOUDON, Richard 184 Pine
*MILLER, George Lombard, near 7th
PARK, John Warren
*RANDOLPH, John Pine alley
*ROBERTS, Joseph (and cooper) corner of 7th and St Mary
RUFFIN, Daniel Smith’s court, 8th near Vine
RUFFIN, Robert Washington, above 11th
TUNNELL, Abner 226 south 7th
*VENNING, Edward B Little Pine, above 7th
*VENNING, John Little Pine, above 7th
WANE, Cato B (and shoemaker) 161 south 6th
WEEKS, Severn Spruce, below Schuyl 6th
JAMES, Peter Lombard, below 8th
MCFARLAND, William School
JOHNSON, James J Shippen, above 6th
*AUGUSTUS, Peter J 3d above Spruce
GORDON, Sarah Ann 57 Pine
*JACKSON, Augustus 9 Goodwater alley
*LAMBSONG, Culvert above Apple
*MOLLINEAUX, Peter 1 Washington place
CLARK, Silas
DIGGS, Joseph (and carpenter) Juniper, above Race
JOHNSON, Edward 6 Washington, above 11th
NORFLET, David Eagle court
PETERS, Lee 205 north 9th
GREEN, Samuel
MINTOS, James S Raspberry alley
MCCRUMMILL, Jas (& bleeder) 266 north 3d
*ALMOND, Juliana corner of Carpenter and P. road
*ALZIER, Dephene 11th above Lombard
*ANDERSON, Ann corner 8th and Lombard
*ARMSTRONG, Sarah 61 Currant alley
*BEULAH, Sarah Bonsall
*BIRCH, Esther 26 Sassafrass alley
*BOARDLEY, Rebecca 10 Pleasant avenue
*BROWN, Georgeana 95 Lombard
*BROWN, Henrietta Bedford, corner 7th
*BROWN, Jane 241 Shippen
*BROWN, Mary Plum, below 5th
*BROWN, Rebecca Bonsall
*BUNDY, Harriet 239 Lombard
*BURR, Mary 113 south 5th
*CAREY, Margaret Bedford, below 8th
*CAREY, Mary 6th, above Lombardd
*CORK, Henrietta Hog alley
*CORNISH, Emeline 71 George
*CRIPPIN, Anncerbella McCloskey’s court
*DOYER, Louisa 166 Lombard
*EDWARDS, Eliza St Mary, below 7th
*EMERY, Juliana 129 Locust
GARDNER, Margaretta 239 south 7th
*GIBBS, Mary Ann 115 Lombard
GORDON, Sarah Ann 57 Pine
*GREEN, S Little Pine, below 7th
*GUILBERRY, Mary 147 Locust
*HAMPTON, Ann 147 Locust
*HANN, Rachel Bedford, below 8th
*HARRIS, Ellen Carpenter, above 8th
*JACKSON, Mary Paschall’s alley
*JEFFRIES, Wealthy Bonsall
*JOHNSON, Elizabeth 237 south 7th
JOHNSON, Jane corner 8th and Emeline
*JONES, Eliza 242 Lombard
*JONES, Matilda Bedford, below 8th
*KENTON, Elizabeth 154 Pine
*LECOUNT, Isabella Bonsall
*LECOUNT, Jane 17 Elizabeth
*LEE, Ann Gray’s alley
*MARTIN, Letitia Carpenter, above 8th
*MATHEWS, Susan Washington, below 12th
*MCKENSIE, E 172 Pine
*MILLER, Mary Ann Pearl, bet 13th and Broad
*MINTON, Catherine Washington, below 12th
*MOORE, Louisa 150 Locust
MOORE, Susan SE corner 9th and Shippen
NICKENS, Harriet C 107 north 9th
*PETER, Mary Jane 128 Locust
*PETTS, Elizabeth Bonsall
*PORTER, Susan Lombard, above 7th
*POTTS, Wilhemina Lombard, below Schuykill 5th
*PROCTOR, Mary 17 Elizabeth
*PURNELL, Emily Catherine, below 7th
*RIX, Rachel Mercer
*ROBERTS, Elizabeth Ann NE corner 7th and St Mary
*ROBERTS, Hannah 29 Currant alley
*ROGERS, Mary Helmuth, above Schuyl. 6th
*ROLLEY, Eliza Watson’s alley
*ROLLEY, Mary 112 north 5th
*ROWLAND, Mary Clymer, below 6th
*ROWLEY, A 7th, below Lombard
*SCOTT, Margaret 144 Locust
*SHEPPARD, Emma Bedford, below 8th
*SPILLER, Eliza 237 Lombard
*SULLIVAN, Sarah SW cor 7th and St Mary
*TENNENT, Louisa Clymer, below 6th
*TENNENT, Margaret Clymer, below 6th
*TILGHMAN, Ann Twelve-foot alley
*TODD, Ann Green’s court
TODD, Mary 11 Wagner’s alley
*TRUETT, Emeline 5th, opposite Powell
*VENNING, Elizabeth Bonsall
*VENNING, Mary Barley
*VENNING, Sarah Lebanon, below Fitzwater
*WAITTS, Rebecca 243 Spruce
*WARDRUPT, Mary Ann Eagle court
*WHITE, Martha Pearl, bet 13th and Broad
*WHITE, Mary Ann Pine, near 10th
*WILLIAMS, Naomi Eagle court
*Woodson, Ann 8th, below South

Source: Register Of Trades Of The Colored People In The City of Philadelphia And Districts, Merrihew and Gunn, Printers, 1838


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